This page is an opportunity for you to see what other students have said about our program. We are extremely gratified to have received such an overwhelmingly positive response to our trainings.

Mira is a superstar in the world of Yoga for Kids and Families. Her many years of training and experience shine through when she works with her students, and I've consistently been impressed with her ability to present the complex tradition of yoga with depth and clarity to students of all ages. She has a gift and a passion for her work, and it shows in everything she does.” - Kerry M., Owner, Bloom Yoga Studio


...please know this experience has changed my life. I feel inspired by all three of you, the beauty in your hearts and spirits and the willingness to share this knowledge with us so that it can be spread around the world. Thank you for this gift."

I really enjoyed the intimacy that was created by having a small number of participants. This became a real rich community of like-minded yogic people."

The program provided me the indispensable background about children's physiology and psychology. It really gave me the necessary motivating tools and resources as well." - Zsolt E., Chicago, IL


Wow. Wow. Wow! I can't thank you enough for everything! I'm so blessed to be studying with you. I've enjoyed all the classes. Thank you. Thank you."

I loved the games and the incorporation of spirituality and philosophy for the kids."

Great content - so in depth - yet not overwhelming - broken down perfectly."

My favorite weekend, by far, was the Live Your Yoga training. It was a weekend devoted to me, my practice, and the self-care that I would inevitably need throughout and after this process." Colette P., Boston, MA (Live Your Yoga is now included in Developing Your Dharma)


I was given the tools and space to examine my own body, mind and energy so as to reach out and share my yoga with children and families from a more informed and whole sense of self."

Love your manuals - such a handy resource!!"

I learned how to incorporate my love for yoga and my beliefs into a lifestyle. I have met amazing people during the training who have touched my heart. The experience was a beautiful, nonjudgmental, comfortable environment that allowed me to look deep into myself with the support of the staff and other students. It was amazing--the experience, the memories, and what I learned will stay with me forever." - Peggy D., WI


Loved how dedicated you are to helping us become good Yoga instructors."

The Sundari course was truly an eye-opening and life-changing experience for me. It was also very practical; I can definitely see how I can use these techniques and knowledge in my work with children, youth and adults."

I felt embraced and empowered to stretch past the limitations in my mind. And as a result, am now doing things, learning things and feeling things I didn't know I could."

When it came time to go on the intensive, I found myself nervous and realized that I had never been away from my kids for eight consecutive days. I wasn't sure what to do, so I decided to embrace it. I would go back in a heartbeat. The other people on the intensive were amazing, and I learned from them as well." - Gina S.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me live my dharma. Namaste~Amy C.


Other Comments:

Sequencing for children is very different than teaching/sequencing for adults. I was challenged by that and decided to take the GFY@home program to complement my 200-hour training. I am now teaching 3 kids and one family class and I would not have been able to without your guidance through both the self-study program and Ohana membership. What Global Family Yoga is offering for teachers who want to specialize in children is invaluable. I am so excited where my yoga path is taking me." Jessica M.,

...taught a yoga class to my first graders during our usual group therapy time yesterday and they LOVED it. That class had the quietest calmest bus dismissal ever. The change in behavior of one kid in particular really struck me- he's usually very talkative and squirmy and easily agitated. I didn't say a word to him and when class was over he put on his socks, his shoes, rolled up his mat, set it aside, walked back to his seat and sat there quietly. I wanted to cry, it was so cool to see! I lavished him with praise and I thought he was going to burst. Super cool. Thank you thank you thank you!" - Beth S., Columbus, OH

Just wanted to send a personal message to you and compliment on your lesson plan, the monthly Ohana call (which I just listened to) - and all the inspiration you give. I have myself all the knowledge and experience I have accumulated over the years as a teacher, mom, specialist etc. And it is always amazing how much inspiration and knowledge you constantly can gain from other teachers on our mutual travel to inspire the children and open for the awareness in people. I love your writings, articles and spirit in which you teach!" Maria - Little Yoga House - Denmark

And also thanks for a great weekend. I feel inspired, contemplative, intrigued, focused, and very much like I am headed on the right path in my life and my future. Who knew all that could be learned in a weekend?!?!?! Take care and namaste." Tracy M., Chicago, IL

Continuing growth in my personal and teacher practice was greatly enhanced."


I can't tell you enough how much I appreciated your knowledge about kids Yoga. I liked your unwavering ability to be playful AND effective in sharing the teachings of yoga. Watching you with the 4 year old was really helpful for me too. I absorbed the whole day and feel like I am much more prepared to teach yoga to kids.  I felt like Warrior 1, 2 and 3, long after the workshop ended! Thanks again Mira. – Holly L., Minneapolis, MN

 Blessings on your intention, kindness, ability to witness and lead. I feel truly blessed to be a part of this new frontier."

I'm excited about anatomy! That was a pleasant surprise for me."

Good integration of intellectual discussion, activities to reinforce, and physical movement."

Presented in a non-threatening way for me who is just beginning to wrap my mind around all of the philosophy and history."

This class has significantly increased my interest and desire to seek more information into the history and philosophies involved. The integration of learned info during practice helped to make it 'stick'."

As we were going through the different asanas, I found it very similar to the method that I was using with kids with disabilities. So I thought if it was calming my mind, it is going to have an effect on the children with disabilities as well. I got really interested to learn about it more." Zsolt E., Chicago, IL


You hold integrity and wonderful presence. Grounded and light-hearted, nice balance!"

This training changed my life. I have gained so much knowledge about the practice of Yoga and how I can use it in my everyday life as well as share it with all the children in my life. You have enriched my family life beyond anything you can imagine."

Very comprehensive and insightful. Motivated me to set aside more time for myself to be a better person for myself and others."

 Learned so much including the benefits of other styles, new techniques, transitions, activities, etc...Absolutely wonderful!!"

 Off the charts. No amount of instruction could replace this kind of training."

I liked every minute of the whole weekend. Every situation was very useful."

...loved it! My first graders responded well overall, and I could tell a marked difference in the majority of the students' abilities to focus, and control their emotions."

Excellent training! I feel armed with new ideas. I've learned from others experiences and the real-life teaching experience was everything it was supposed to be."

I think this should be part of every PE program."

Loved all of the practical tips, games, ideas and poses."

I am inspired! Can't wait to get back to the kids tomorrow!"

Very helpful, practical, hands-on. I liked how we got a bit deeper into philosophy, etc. to share with this age group."

More insightful and meaningful than expected. I learned a great deal."

Everything was presented very intentionally - we knew the why and the how of all of it!"

Mira is very authentic, knowledgeable, open and supportive. Thanks so much!"

I enjoy the knowledge shared about each pose - benefits, adjustments, variations. Significantly different from just learning about kids poses."

When I called, I got lots of important information to help me prepare. Very friendly."

I feel more confident about teaching to children than I expected I would after only one weekend."

It's a very interactive program filled with games, exercise, knowledge and discussion. I love it!"