New Kids Yoga Pose ~ Fire Crow

Posted on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 at 8:53 PM

Kids love arm balances. Crow (Kakasana) is the number one favorite. Even little kids can tip up and balance on their arms. What an accomplishment! One reason I think kids love it so much is that it looks difficult, but is in fact pretty accessible to most. While adults may struggle to get into this pose for years, many kids can figure out the logistics of this pose in a few tries. Then they feel like they have mastered something – especially when watching adults struggle with it.

Another favorite arm balance pose is Firefly (tittibhasana). This is similar to Crow in many ways, but a little more complicated. I usually don’t teach this one to kids under age 8.

Last week in my class of 9-12 year old boys, each one was spending time working on their arm balance of choice. The new favorite is Flying Pigeon (Eka Pada Galavasana) and one boy was working on that. A second boy, tipped forward in this pose so his head was on the ground. I then encouraged him to try to take the straight leg up toward the sky. This turned into some crazy Flying Pigeon headstand. I tried it myself. It’s pretty fun. It’s like a wild variation of Crow into Headstand, back into Crow.

Another boy was practicing on his own and when I went over to check out what he was doing, I saw that he had one knee balanced on his upper arm, as in Crow, and the other upper arm under his thigh, as in Firefly. He had his feet tucked up under him. “Wow!” I exclaimed. “You are doing half Crow and half Firefly.” He was stoked. Along with arm balances, children LOVE to make up their own poses. He said, “Ya”, paused for a moment and then exclaimed, “It’s Fire Crow!”

There you have it - the origin of a yoga pose.

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