We're excited to offer eLearning courses. eCourses are a way for you to access information on specific topics related to teaching Yoga to children and families - even if you can't make it to training in person.

Each course contains information and instruction on a topic along with pertinent Yoga practices and techniques.

I have been using the techniques from these lessons in my classroom, and I already am seeing results in terms of the engagement of the children (even those who in the past may have said 'no' to yoga). I definitely intend to keep trying them! I appreciate so much being able to learn at home at a price that for the moment is a much better fit for my finances than a full-out teacher training. I hope there will be more!
Linda B., Sandia Park, NM

This is PERFECT for me to share with the kiddos I work with (and live with)! The illustrations are wonderful, easy to understand. Thank you for offering this course.
D'Etta B., Lexington, SC

Balloons, Ferris Wheels & Shining Stars -
A Dozen Simple Solutions to Help Kids Relax

This first eCourse addresses the most frequently requested topic of Relaxation for Children. It has been designed to give you specific tools to help children manage stress in their lives and learn to self-regulate and self-calm. It is intended for parents, teachers and anyone who wants to help children develop stress hardiness.

In this four week course we will cover:

  • The science of stress - sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
  • Sources of stress for children
  • Effects of stress on all systems of the body/mind
  • Ways to detect stress in kids
  • The life-long benefits of developing stress hardiness
  • Movement and body awareness techniques that help
  • How to relax the breath and how that helps
  • Effective ways to relax the mind through guided visualization

Each week for four weeks you will receive a new lesson in the series. Each lesson contains valuable information along with specific Yoga techniques you can use right away. You will learn many simple, child-friendly and effective practices to help the children in your life better cope with the everyday stressors they face. There is a body, breath, and mind practice in every lesson for a total of 12 new ways for you to help the children in your life relax.

Also included in each lesson is at least one audio and/or video clip to enhance your understanding of the methods - 6 in all. And in every lesson you'll be pointed to additional resources you can turn to for even more related information.

Balloons, Ferris Wheels & Shining Stars

Balloons, Ferris Wheels & Shining Stars
  • Balloons, Ferris Wheels & Shining Stars


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