Therapeutic Yoga for Children - Advanced Certification

July 17-23, 2016 in Racine, WI

ATTENTION Teachers, Therapists, Counselors, Yoga Instructors, and Others who Guide and Influence Children…

Are You Looking for an Effective and Transformational Way to Help Children Become Confident and Empowered?

Tap Into Training that Will Help Children Become More Centered, Self-Aware, and Positive…
with Therapeutic Yoga for Children.

About the Training

If you work with children in any capacity… whether as a teacher, counselor, psychologist, or other youth leader… you can certainly empathize with the challenges that children face. More than ever, children today are bombarded with expectations and conflicting standards everywhere they turn… at home, at school, on television, and social media.

Add to this the pressures they face from their classmates (especially if they don’t quite “fit the mold”)… and it’s little wonder why they often feel imbalanced… unsure… and even afraid.

As someone who influences and guides children, you feel like it’s both your responsibility and your privilege to provide them with a feeling of safety and centeredness… and to empower them to develop the self-awareness and confidence they deserve.

Through yoga, you can do exactly that… and much more!

Yoga is among the most effective approaches available for not only helping children develop physically… but also to achieve the sense of calm awareness and stability they need to navigate the challenges of childhood, adolescence, and on through adulthood.

But if you’re like many people… you either don’t have the depth of experience with yoga, or you don’t know how to communicate the transformational power of yoga to the children you work with.   

But now… I’d like to invite you to take part in an exclusive training event that can help you provide children with the life-affirming benefits of yoga… in an advanced yoga training setting!

Therapeutic Yoga for Children Gives You Powerful, Positive, Advanced Training that Empowers You to Help Children to Succeed

I’m Mira Binzen, ERYT, RCYT. I’ve devoted the past 20+ years of my career to being a positive guiding force for children, both as a Developmental Therapist and a Certified Yoga Instructor. I’ve seen first-hand how the calming benefits of yoga can help children become more focused, centered, confident, and productive. That includes children who have been diagnosed with behavioral, sensory, mental/emotional and other conditions that may have made schoolwork, social development, and other aspects of childhood difficult.

Because I understand that there are many more children out there who could benefit immensely from yoga than I could possibly reach on my own, I’ve developed this in-depth training to help compassionate, committed professionals like you facilitate the same transformation in the children you work with.

Mira’s knowledge and her ability and willingness to effectively communicate it to her students are unequaled in my experience.” 

The content was so "spot on" for me and where I'm at in my journey to define myself as a yoga teacher and school psychologist. I just loved the energy I felt there... from the other students (who were bright and curious and grounded) and of course from set the stage for great things to evolve".

I found this course one of the most profound experiences so far in my journey toward becoming a children's yoga teacher.  For me, connecting yoga to the many ways in which through yoga, we can address needs of children and their parents, especially in these times of over-stressed kids, brought it all together for me--why I practice yoga, why I want to share yoga with others, and with children especially, and what is behind my passion for doing this work. As a teacher, I see so many needs in children, and I also have students with special needs.  This class has given me tools to help a wide range of students.  I came away with such inspiration to continue my training and to bring yoga to the children and families in my life. I also realized how all of us can benefit from the therapeutic aspects of this practice.  I would highly recommend this training!!

How Will This Course Help The Children?

After completing the course, you’ll have the exact training you need to inspire children through yoga… helping them:

  • Regulate their emotions and energy… which allows them to participate in classroom and social activities with minimal disruption.
  • Gain authentic confidence to avoid negative peer pressure, bullying, and other social challenges.
  • Develop a deep-rooted sense of calmness… which helps them make effective decisions in high-pressure situations.
  • Improve physical strength and posture… which positively impacts confidence and all other aspects of a child’s life.
  • Develop the self-awareness to understand and pursue their own aspirations and goals.
  • Benefit from individualized wellness plans you’ll learn how to create.
  • And much more!

What Will You Learn in This Training?

I couldn’t possibly list every topic we’ll cover and everything you’ll learn during this 50-hour intensive course… there’s just so much to discover that you have to be there to see it for yourself! But I want to give you a small taste of what to expect when you attend this transformational training event:

  • You’ll learn the theory and practice of specific yoga techniques such as regulated breathing, guided relaxation, and yoga poses to help children easily understand and benefit from yoga practice.
  • You’ll discover life-affirming approaches that help children see themselves as much more than the diseases and conditions with which they’ve been diagnosed.
  • You’ll discover how to positively impact environmental and lifestyle factors that can influence the behavior of children.
  • You’ll learn how to help children identify and adopt optimal healing environments… both externally and internally.
  • You’ll get specific assessment tools to help each child get the most out of yoga practice.
  • You’ll learn a wide range of yoga techniques to provide individualized healing for each child.
  • You’ll discover how to effectively use small group and one-on-one sessions to maximize each child’s potential through yoga.
  • And much, MUCH more!

I grew professionally, personally, and spiritually. It exceeded my expectations in every way and I made wonderful friends in the process".

The intensive can be just that - intense - but having a group of supportive, thoughtful, inquiring people to be on the journey with made the experience very enriching".

I got more out of this intensive than I envisioned. I have a much better understanding of the concepts of Yoga than just the asanas. The additional insights from all the attendees was very valuable".

Who is This Training For?

This training is particularly targeted to pediatric therapy practitioners, educators and yoga teachers. Parents and other caregivers who meet the application criteria will also benefit from this learning experience.

Those who are registered yoga teachers with Yoga Alliance® will earn 50 contact hours of continuing education.


About the Instructor

Our Training Director, Mira Binzen, ERYT, RCYT will facilitate the intensive. She has been committed to the development of children for over 20 years. Mira has a degree in Child Psychology and received her teacher’s training certificate from Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Ashram in India in 1999. She is certified to teach both children and adults, and is registered at the 500-hour level with Yoga Alliance. She also has a 1,000 hour Professional Yoga Therapist certificate with Integrative Yoga Therapy and is a Certified iRest Yoga Nidra teacher. For her, the heart of Yoga is discovering the Self through play and laughter.

More about Mira

Required Reading

The required reading for this course includes Yoga and Ayurveda by David Frawley and Yoga For Wellness by Gary Kraftsow.

You will also need the Yoga Teachers Toolbox, produced by Joseph and Lillian LePage of Integrative Yoga Therapy. It can be purchased online for $59.95 plus shipping.

The complete list of required reading will be sent to you when your application is accepted. All other assignments not listed above are available for free online.

Please contact us for more information or register by clicking REGISTER below.

About the Retreat Center

The summer intensive program is held at a beautiful former college on Lake Michigan in Racine, WI.  You will be able to completely relax in this serene environment.

Stately buildings welcome you to a comfortable and homey retreat center.  The spacious grounds include a zen garden, labyrinth and lake views.  There is a wading beach 4 blocks away and a swimming beach just 2 miles north.


Charming single, double and triple guest rooms with comfortable, antique furnishings.

There are a limited number of private rooms available on a first-come basis.  All other students will be in shared accommodations.

Please view the photo gallery below to see pictures of the facilities and grounds.


Pricing includes course tuition, accommodations and vegetarian meals.

Private room = $1725
Shared room = $1475

There are a limited number of private rooms available.  Once those rooms are booked, all other students will be in shared accommodations.

What to Bring

Following is a list of a few essentials you’ll want with you.

  • plenty of comfortable clothes for Yoga
  • yoga mat and props
  • extra blanket/small pillow/bolster for yoga nidra
  • journal
  • toiletries
  • swim suit and towel
  • shoes for walking outdoors
  • flashlight
  • personal size fan
  • umbrella and/or rain jacket for walking between buildings

Submit Your Therapeutic Yoga for Children Application Today!

Because I will be giving my full attention to each attendee, I can only accept a limited number of professionals into this in-depth training. I really would love to work with everyone who wants to attend…but I do have to grant admission on an application-only basis.

This is an advanced training course and previous experience is required. You must have a minimum of one-year of personal yoga practice and one-year of experience working with children in a professional or home setting. Additionally it is recommended that you have formal training in basic yoga and yoga for children. Each application is assessed on an individual basis.

The sooner you apply, the sooner you can start your journey toward providing powerful, life-affirming yoga instruction to your children… so complete the application below and submit it right away.

Childrens Yoga Teacher Training Application

This is an easy to complete two-page form asking for basic personal information, yoga experience and your experience with children.  If you have questions about the application process, or you have any special needs or requirements please contact us.

Childrens Yoga Teacher Training Application
  • Childrens Yoga Teacher Training Application


  • Standard: $FREE

This is an electronic downloadable file. A link to download the file will be included with your receipt after checkout.


Registration is a two-step process.

  1. Download, complete and submit the application (above).
  2. Click the Register button (below) and complete the check-out process.  Be sure to include the promo code: TYCSH16 if you prefer a shared room.

Therapeutic Yoga for Children

Sunday, July 17, 2016 04:00 PM - Saturday, July 23, 2016 02:00 PM

50-Hour Advanced Training | Adults

$1725 is the price for the training with a private room. 

To save $250 use promo code TYCSH16 when you check out and you will be placed in a shared room.   Your fee will then be $1475.


Dekoven Center

Racine, WI


  • Standard: $1725.00

You can pay your registration fee in installments.  Click here to register with the payment plan.

Regardless of where an individual falls on the spectrum of health or disease, Yoga is a life affirming practice that promotes well-being on all levels while addressing the whole person and revealing the natural state of true health that is everyone's birthright. 

Join us!