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Monthly lifestyle support for yoga teachers, parents, educators and all pediatric professionals. 

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The Ohana Membership program is an online community of people interested in helping children thrive through the life-affirming practice of yoga. This program features expertly designed lesson plans for kids and families, inspiring guided personal practice for you, educational podcasts, a variety of resources including video clips of unique children’s yoga poses and a vibrant interactive community forum.

The main benefit of this Ohana program is that you continue to grow as a person and a teacher/parent/pediatric professional because you have ongoing access to rich resources and meaningful support.  Have your burning questions answered, get inspired, find direction, support others and share your gifts.  No matter what your experience, the amount of time you have, if you are trained to teach yoga or not… the Ohana program has much to offer you.


Each month you'll get a full yoga practice/lesson plan to share with the children and families in your life – personal or professional. You spend hours planning a practice and then the kids complain, ignore you or decide the yoga mat makes a better light saber than a platform for the poses. No more. These plans are engaging and effective.

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Continue to deepen your understanding of yoga – technique, theory and practice. Learn on the go with a 20 minute Principles Behind the Practice podcast. What's the deal with the funny hand gestures? Why is everything in some foreign language? What poses are we supposed to do before and after a big backbend? Is it okay to skip relaxation at the end of a practice? Why does yoga make you fart? These and other pressing questions are answered clearly and simply by an expert in the field.

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There is no nurturing anyone until we have nurtured ourselves. To best serve the children and families in our lives we must be balanced ourselves. We know you are busy - peeling out of the driveway to the next scheduled event and dealing with the fly-away hair that comes from wearing so many hats. That is why each month we will give you a 5-10 minute .mp3 recording of a guided practice. A consistent practice that fits into your life, keeps your shoulders from slumping and lets you breathe easy throughout the day.

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You also have access to our online comments area. This is our virtual community and replicates the colorful conversations and insights we share during our live trainings. You can almost hear the laughter and feel the hugs. Ask a question about a challenging situation in class, get support when you are feeling unsure or isolated, share a resource that you know works, encourage others along the journey. Many members say this is the most valuable component of our membership program.

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We are very excited to introduce an online video library of child-friendly yoga poses. What is Crocodile? How do you get into and out of Crow pose? What is a simple modification for Rainbow pose? These 1-minute video clips will show you.  We think you will like them even more than those crazy cat videos on You Tube.  The Yoga Pose Bank is integrated with the Lesson Plans. New poses are added regularly.

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That’s not all…

Members receive discounts on products and programs, first access to new content and events AND exclusive access to special offers.

The key to continued growth is community. In Sanskrit, this is called a “sangha”. Great spiritual teachers insist that this is one of two main keys to success on the path to self awareness. The other is personal practice, called “sadhana". Join Ohana and get both – sangha and sadhana.

Learn how to best access what is valuable to you so you learn and grow as much as you want without feeling overwhelmed. It’s like having your own yoga mentor visit you every month!

This is Ohana: Confidence, Clarity, Connection.



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We know that people need resources, advice, suggestions, ideas, help in over-coming their obstacles and a sounding board for their issues because we get requests all the time - in person, by phone, via email, and through all kinds of social media. You're not alone!  People need support and our mission is to provide it. That’s why we created our membership program.

The content of each month’s resources is based on a traditional myth from various cultures. Myth is the basis for understanding ourself and the children in our lives better. Stories guide us, help us to reflect, entertain and connect.