Children's Yoga Specialty Certification

  Imagine Giving the Gift of Yoga to Children..Become a Certified Children's Yoga Teacher

10 Reasons To Get Certified To Teach Yoga To Children:

  1. YOU can help a child realize their full potential, learn self-regulation and gain self-mastery.

  2. YOU can help a child find peace, calm and connection regardless of changing circumstances in life.

  3. YOU can be a part of the rapidly expanding holistic/mindfulness movement.

  4. Children are our future, it's important that we get it right
  5. Because don't you wish you had yoga as a child?
  6. Teaching yoga to children can give YOU a powerful sense of purpose.

  7. Every child is a beautiful garden, unique and amazing, and YOU can become a master gardener, helping them grow.

  8. Kids today are stressed out. It affects their ability to learn, sleep, digest food and cultivate healthy relationships. Yoga is an unsurpassed stress-reduction strategy.

  9. Yoga can be used to dramatically improve a child’s life in all areas – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

  10. Yoga is a lifelong skill and a gift to humanity. As a certified children's yoga teacher you will be qualified to share this gift.

This is a proven training that helps those who want to share

the life-affirming practice of yoga with children.

The Children’s Yoga Specialty Certification (CYSC) Training is for teachers who have a passion for making a difference in the lives of children.  This training will give you the tools and techniques you need PLUS the confidence that you know how to help and work with children and families in healthy, safe, and meaningful ways.



The course is available as six weekends over six months or in one 10-day intensive. 
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This training will teach you:

  • Sound Child Development Principals. When you understand where a child is at developmentally – cognitive, social, emotional, physical and spiritual, you can plan a practice that is safe and engaging while meeting each child’s needs. Every child has unique needs and the better we can assess and respond to the individual child, the more effectively we can support their growth. This is at the heart of our training and you will gain the confidence to meet each child as they are.

  • Sensory Integration. Each child responds to the world based on how it is perceived through the senses. Learn what sensory integration is and how it influences a child’s mood, behavior and ability to learn. You will also learn how the entire practice of Yoga supports optimal sensory functioning so you can help kids feel good on all levels.

  • Cooperative Classroom Strategies. Every behavior emitted is an attempt to meet a need. Learn how to recognize the need behind the behavior and rather than giving consequences for disruptive behavior, learn to meet the need behind the behavior. You will also learn communication techniques that create calm, positive energy in your yoga classes, and your personal life as well.

  • Yoga Nidra. This is a deeply transformative practice. As a participant, you will have the chance to practice Yoga nidra several times during the training, to help integrate your experiences. You will also learn how to deliver this practice to children – one of the most effective practices from the yoga tradition to help children learn to self-regulate and develop self-mastery.

  • Personal Practice. There is no nurturing anyone until you have nurtured yourself. Develop or transform your personal practice to become a deep well of energy, inspiration and calm. Our community is incredibly supportive of each other in maintaining a personal lifestyle that allows all of us to live a life of purpose, connection and ease.

  • Lots of Yoga Techniques! You will learn a catalog of techniques – breathing, postures, relaxation, mudras, meditation and more – all designed to be safe, engaging and effective for each child’s developmental need.

  • Fun! When was the last time you got to gather with a group of amazing people to laugh and play for days? All of the philosophy and technology in our comprehensive training is grounded in experiential learning and when it comes to kids, that means FUN!

Perhaps most importantly, we’ll share tips and helpful details that make teaching yoga to children easier and a lot more fun.

Who Says You Can’t Change The World While Having Fun?

We’ll also share personal stories from 15 years of experience in many different situations.  It’s one of the things everyone loves the most – stories from the field that make the practice come alive.

The best thing about the CYSC is you can choose it as your primary career choice,

you can incorporate it into your current vocation, such as a school teacher, counselor, therapist

or use it at home with your own children.

The deeper understanding of yoga that you will gain in this training will create added benefit and potency to your teaching helping you reach your students on a completely new and deeper level.

What Happens During This Training?

Each day begins with a fun, child-focused theme-based practice. You get to practice just as the children do so you have an experiential understanding of the techniques and the flow of a class. We then explore the principles behind the practice so you know why and how to teach this to others.

The training also includes interactive, small group experiences to help you refine your understanding and benefit from the varied experiences of the vibrant group of like-minded participants. You’ll be studying side-by-side with moms, yoga teachers, school teachers, counselors, therapists and other health care professionals a.k.a Infinite Pool of Wisdom.

You will also get a chance to get your feet wet and teach what you are learning in a supportive and relaxed environment. Included in this process is an effect feedback process we have refined over the years. We offer free children’s yoga classes to the community during our training so you'll see “live classes” as part of your experience.

We are committed to these principals:

  • Self-care as the foundation of service
  • Interactive learning in a supportive environment
  • Real world examples and experiences
  • Trauma sensitive awareness, to first do no harm
  • Commitment to the ancient and authentic teachings of yoga
  • That YOGA = awareness/connection/Pure Being and is a way of life, not just an exercise
  • The power of LOVE

 Why GFY?

Have you always wanted to teach yoga to children but worry the training won’t give you all the tools you need to do so effectively? Most children yoga trainings are full of fun and games. You’ll have a blast. The problem is, when you get home you may realize you didn’t learn the underlying principals behind the practice, how to manage the classroom or sustainable practices that will allow you to teach with confidence for years to come.

Global Family Yoga (GFY) was the first school focused on children and families to be registered with Yoga Alliance®. We have been a registered school since 2005.

Mira Binzen, our director of training, has been training people to teach yoga to children since 2002 and has been a certified yoga teacher since 1999. In addition to thousands of hours of both formal training and experience in the field, Mira is a dedicated student and continues to study with yoga masters each year. This commitment to continuing education means our programs stay fresh, relevant and true to the tradition. ALL trainings are led by Mira.

GFY was founded by a mother and two daughters (Cheryl, Stephanie and Mira). It is truly a family run business. We focus on family yoga in our trainings and promote family connection through yoga. Learn more about us.

We want you to feel confident and ready to teach yoga to children.  Once you have completed the requirements, you will be a certified children’s yoga teacher and eligible to be a registered children’s yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance®.

What Past Participants Have Said

The program provided me the indispensable background about children's physiology and psychology. It really gave me the necessary motivating tools and resources as well." - Zsolt E., Chicago, IL

I learned how to incorporate my love for yoga and my beliefs into a lifestyle. I have met amazing people during the training who have touched my heart. The experience was a beautiful, nonjudgmental, comfortable environment that allowed me to look deep into myself with the support of the staff and other students. It was amazing--the experience, the memories, and what I learned will stay with me forever." - Peggy D., WI

Sequencing for children is very different than teaching/sequencing for adults…What Global Family Yoga is offering for teachers who want to specialize in children is invaluable. I am so excited where my yoga path is taking me." Jessica M.,

I loved the games and the incorporation of spirituality and philosophy for the kids."

The course is available as six weekends over six months or in one 10-day intensive. 

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"This training changed my life. I have gained so much knowledge about the practice of Yoga and how I can use it in my everyday life as well as share it with all the children in my life. You have enriched my family life beyond anything you can imagine."

It is our promise to provide you with an empowering experience that will transform the way you look at children's wellness.

...please know this experience has changed my life. I feel inspired by all three of you, the beauty in your hearts and spirits and the willingness to share this knowledge with us so that it can be spread around the world. Thank you for this gift."

We'd love to have you join our mission to create a more peaceful, connected and creative world through teaching children self-awareness, self-regulation and self-mastery.

With Love,

Mira, Cheryl & Stephanie